The Order 1886

I just finished this game. I know it got a lot of negative press at release, which was well deserved as it was a $60, sub-6 hour game with 0 replay value. However, as a $8 used title it’s great! I blew through it in two days and loved the experience. Funny that it really made me want to buy a sword – the just look so cool in the game!

It’s also been cut together as a movie on youtube which is really cool:


More Doom Thoughts

Funny how this followed the growth of a large chunk of it’s player audience.

Doom (1993); older children/young teens; run around with guns killing monsters!

Doom 3 (2004); old teens/young adults; More realism in my space marine demon shooter!

Doom (2016); full blown adults; realism sucks! adulthood sucks! back to form please!

Doom 2016

I just spent half my Saturday and most of my Sunday blazing through this game. It’s really an awesome experience. Here is a really excellent review someone posted in the PAForums thread.

“It doesn’t matter which direction you go, you just have to go that direction as furiously as possible.”

IL-2 Sturmovik

I just started playing this game and what’s really freaking me out is the fact that it appears I played it before? The game shows my account on the third chapter but I have no recollection of playing this game. Of course, I could have played it back in 2010-2011 when I was drinking a lot and just not remember. Or I could have played it last year when I bought the game but had to return it because it wouldn’t load. Either way it’s disconcerting because My memory for long term events has always been pretty good. Guess I’m getting old.

Anyway, the game is tons of fun. Pretty straight forward WWII airplane based shooter.