Parking Spots

Here’s a list of places I’ve found and used that are generally open for parking during long rides in the middle of no where. These are off the beaten path, everyone knows about Sosebee and the Bud Plant but it can be hard to find a safe spot once you get out in the country.

Chatsworth, GA:
745 W Chestnut St
Chatsworth, GA 30705

Dalton, GA:
904 Civic Dr
Dalton, GA 30721

Rome, GA:
207 W 3rd St
Rome, GA 30165

Manchester, GA:
400 4th St
Manchester, GA 31816

Luthersville, GA (Small gravel lot North of the buildings – tiny sign says “visitor parking”):
4 E Oak St
Luthersville, GA 30251

Butler, GA:
183 Charing Rd
Butler, GA 31006

Franklin, GA:
Franklin City Park
12665 GA34
Franklin, GA

Carrollton, GA has several spots along their greenbelt:

This is an amazing way to compare bike geometry

Here’s my Haanjo Comp (M, 53 in Green) compared to my Double Cross Disc (M, 52 in Red). I set up the Haanjo by eyeball to be slightly higher and it’s funny to see how close they ended up. I think I’m a little too crunched up on the Haanjo but I’m still trying to decide if it’s a saddle position or a stem issue.