Pass Hunting & Summits 2017 Accomplishments

Pass hunting – Rules

So I’ve been doing this since 2015 but I never knew it was a thing? Time to go back through Strava and start logging where I’ve been.

This is a helpful link for finding passes:!topic/internet-bob/bCntMTI8gU4

Check out and drill down
to your specific location.  For example, I live in Cumberland County,
Pa.  From there I can specify “physical features” and finally “gaps”,
and I get this:,class,gap,scfips,42041.cfm
Then spend countless hours trying to figure out if the gap you want
to ride actually has a road through it.  🙂

Scott Loveless

This is also helpful:,17694,30365,11338,11765,11224,11337,17040,33427