Eddington Numbers

2017 – In process

Moved somewhere else and doing much better. A ton of gravel racing, lots of MTB racing and lots of distance riding. 15 rides over 5 hours so far and have a bunch more I want to do. A great year.

2017 In Progress

2017 In Progress 2

2016 – 48

Throw away year. Didn’t like where I was living and riding and struggled all year. Only did 5 rides over 5 hours hardly any exploring, forgettable races.


2016 2

2015 – 51

I get into gravel and then longer distance riding. Lots of exploring, flying late into the night down the Silver Comet. Reading a lot of Bicycle Quarterly. First 200k and almost 150 mile ride.


2015 2

2014 – 46

Still mainly race focused. Some track, road, mountain and alleycat races. A few more long distance rides, especially some centuries incorporating the Dunwoody cycling Saturday rides.


2014 2

2013 – 48

Mainly racing and I lived somewhere with less elevation/mile so it was easier to ride further for the same amount of time. Very few long rides, some fixed gear rides and a little mountain biking.


2013 2