Century Road Club Manual

The full PDF is available here: Google Books Link

Very interesting to see the mileage they were riding, what they’re wearing and what kind of bikes they have. The formality and structure is just something else in a future of facebook event pages and PDF flyers. Choice screenshots below.


Thereabouts #1


I watched this late spring-2016 and it really helped inspire me for the riding I did over the summer. I don’t feel like I had a successful season overall, but I did have a few high points and part of the motivation for this was watching this film. I wanted the same adventure, the flapping shirts and no helmets hundreds of miles from home. Freedom from the quicksand of a boring life and from the tyranny of a racing culture that does not value the same things I do. There’s something to be said for the signs and signals of what you wear and how you interact with the world. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I’ve moved more from dressing and riding like a racer to dressing and riding like someone going for an adventure in their backyard.

Nice that it’s on Vimeo, I need to figure out how to watch the second installment.