Cycling black holes #1 – West of Marietta

The more you ride in the Atlanta metro area the more it becomes obvious there are huge swaths of roadway that are not conducive to cycling. The roads in these areas are high traffic, narrow and featureless. There’s almost no reason to ride there for pleasure and they don’t usually connect to any other areas well, if at all. Parts of Johns Creek and Roswell are like this as well as around Stone Mountain. I’m going to try to document most of these areas as I inevitably forget how much they suck and end up riding in/through them accidentally.

Last night¬†was such a night. This area doesn’t have a name but it’s South of Kennesaw, East of Dallas, North of Powder Springs and West of Marietta.


This area seems like it would be fun to ride but it sucks.I wasn’t paying attention and got stuck riding around here for a large portion of my ride. Just dark, misty and heavy traffic. Not that fun. There’s nothing to look at, traffic is heavy and very fast and the roads are narrow, winding and often with significant elevation changes. And the people are weird, some high school kid called me a nigger last night as I was leaving from a navigation stop. What the fuck?

A better choice is to ride all the way to Dallas on the Silver Comet and then hop off and do some gravel. Or hop off at Powder Springs and ride around there. Or even just take the Stilesboro bike lane all the way West until it turns into Cedarcrest, stay on that til it hits Harmony Grove Church and then come down into Dallas that way.