Albany 200k

I did the Audax Atlanta Albany 200k this morning. 130 miles 2990″ – ended up at 8:01/8:17 moving/total. 9 riders, I was the only one who drove down from Atlanta same day, 3:15am wakeup was rough. I’m trying to be positive but the ride kinda sucked, a brutal headwind the last 3 hours and a flat boring course just didn’t do much for me. It’s a drag to ride by tons of awesome looking silt/clay roads in favor of numbered highways with semi-trucks. At the very least it stayed warm and dry.

It wasn’t a bad ride, just thought the novelty of a very flat course would be fun and it wasn’t. After the first couple abandoned farm houses and cotton fields to the horizon it gets kinda old.

This was my first brevet on the Fog Cutter, styled as a classic 1950s randonneuring bike. It was fine, not magic or anything. The wider tires, fenders and handlebar bag really caused some suffering in the head and side winds. BQ can do all the wind tunnel testing they want but it’s obvious that outside, in the real world, winds are going to have a larger effect on this style of bike.




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