2018 Skyway Epic

Lets see

Jerkoff race promoter started the race 4 minutes early, after giving a 5 minute warning and starting to make small talk. I think as soon as he saw me ride off to the porta-potty he said something like it was go-time as soon as I opened the door. Because that was what happened. It was embarrassing and made me feel like a fool. Seriously fuck that guy, what an asshole.

Rode angry all race and knocked 30 minutes off my time from last year. Probably riding a mountain bike with hydraulic brakes and the cooler weather helped.

Unbeknownst to me my bottom bracket was pretty much destroyed within the first few miles. The incessant squishy creaking that followed me all race was due to the bearings on the drive side being completely seized. When I noticed later I could not turn the crank by hand without bracing my entire body and putting in some serious strength. Realized I wasted a ton of energy pushing it around the course.

Skipped the trash food they serve at the end and just went home. I’m not doing any more events from this guy.



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