2018 Masi Speciale Randonneur

The bike arrived last night, unfortunately I won’t be able to ride for a week or two as I’m replacing the crankset with a more appropriate model for my needs and it’s in the mail from the UK right now.

But I do have some build notes below, it’s a nice bike. I looked at some of the comparable models in my back issues of Bicycle Quartlery and noted that although the Masi is relatively heavy – for a disc, fendered, low-trail steel bike it’s only 0.5-1 pounds heavier than something like an Elephant NFE. Weight with stock wheelset, no pedals or accessories was 28.75 pounds/13.04 kg.

The stock wheelset (no skewers but w/rotors) weighs 2.56 pounds/1.16 kg front and 3.0 pounds/1.36 kg rear. I replaced with a $400 stans/shimano/sapim build I did myself and dropped total weight by 1.5 pounds. I’m probably going to drop the front front fender support and tire directly to a front rack so that would be an additional few ounces saved.

  • Fenders are set-up for max clearance for 650bx47 only, slight air gap in front. 42s will not look good and no further downward adjust-ability with stock hardware.
  • Overall fit/finish is good. Some of the welds are not the best but the paint and overall parts finish is good.
  • IMO 50/34 crankset is not a good choice for this style bike – 46/36 would be better but not easily available at OEM level for the same price as 4700 crankset.
  • Drops are flared too much at the wrong point. Flare should have been more at the top of the drops and less overall; 8° would have been good.921b83bf-430f-4145-83d5-43ef7aaeb7b6Left to right: 0°, 8°, “12°” from the Masi
  • Wheelset is heavy as expected, also is not set-up for tubeless out of the box – rimstrip is regular plastic band and is actually too narrow for the rim – replace before riding.
  • Frame has a small sticker indicating it is made by Kenstone Metals, Ltd in Taiwan – I don’t have any direct experience but the company’s website inspires confidence this is a well-engineered bike.
  • I confirmed the fork rake measurement at 65mm, trail will be 35.7 w/47mm 650b tires, wheel flop 10mm.
  • Brake calipers are a similar design to other low end models, but have a small update that I think will keep me on them for a while. The fixed adjustment screw has a small M2 screw to lock it in place. Prior iterations of this type of caliper would often wear out in a few thousand miles as the fixed adjustment screw wore out as there is no detent and the thread is fine.

2 thoughts on “2018 Masi Speciale Randonneur

  1. Hello, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I am planning on purchasing this bike soon. How do you feel about it’s ride quality? I know you mentioned it’s on the heavier side, but does that come in play while riding it?

    • I found it a little too stiff but it rides ok. Kinda like a Surly. It’s great for any sort of load and based on the tubing measurements will be very durable. I’m also selling the frame for $325.

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