Things I worry about the day before my first long ride of the year

Did I eat enough?
Did I eat too much?
Did I eat the wrong thing?
Am I going to be able to eat enough on the ride?
Is it ok to park at the Rome-Floyd tennis center at 4:45am?
Is my car going to get towed while I’m out riding?
Am I going to have a tire failure and have to wait for a ride?
Is the tire failure going to happen where there’s no cell service and I’ll have to walk?
Am I going to get lost?
Have I ridden enough the past month to handle this amount of riding time?
Have I ridden too much this past week for this amount of riding time?
Are my legs going to cramp?
Did I get enough sleep?
Am I going to miss my 3:30am alarm?
Is 3:30am too early?
What if I’m tired?
Am I going to get stuck in excessively long traffic on the way home?
Is my phone going to go into a reset loop and wipe out my ride?
Are there going to be missing road signs that make it hard to navigate?
Is my patch kit cement dried out and useless?
Am I going to need money to buy food or water?
Am I going to run out of water?
What if I have to go to the bathroom cause I had coffee on the drive up?
What if I find water but it makes me sick?

What if I don’t have fun?


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