Skyway Epic Prep

Edit: Here’s the actual race report. I had a good time.

Just some links I’m looking at to prep for the Skyway Epic 60.

  • There’s about an hour of singletrack at the start
    • Looks fast and flowy but possible roots?
  • Skyway is jeep trail and forest road with potential for large puddles and/or mudpits
    • Some sections of easy gravel, some rocky/rooty tech
  • Talladega Alabama received almost 3.5 inches of rain on Wednesday 4/5/17
  • 20-25 minutes singletrack on the way back  An hour of singletrack on the way back.
  • Course goes rollers->big climb->rollers->medium climb->rollers->big descent->rollers
  • Take max water at the aid station

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