2016 Diamond Back Haanjo Comp Review – 8 month Update

Original review is here.

I recently went back to riding this bike with the stock wheelset and have been having a lot of fun on it. Some things I’ve noticed:

  • The bike is set-up for adding a frame bag, a medium Revelate Tangle fits perfectly and the bottle cages are mounted low enough to accommodate a regular 22 ounce bottle. I wish the fork had mounts on the side or even full rack mounts.
  • The stock wheelset completely transforms the climbing. A big part of this is the high-engagement hub, it pushes out the power stroke to the wheel in a slightly longer way that just feels more connected. There is minimal play in the crank before engagement.
  • It’s less fun on singletrack than a good steel frame. The ride is more jarring and the frame is just a little too stiff to work well for me. I did a loop at Sope Creek and wasn’t able to ride at speed nearly as well as my Double Cross Disc.
  • TRP Spyres are prone to rust and probably need a rebuild if you ever ride in the rain. I’m going to make a video for this. It’s easy but intimidating.
  • A frame bag is a much better idea than a front rack. I want to use both but keep most of my every day essentials in the frame bag and then just use the rack as needed for clothes or giant tools found on the side of the road.
  • The handlebars are the best handlebars I’ve ever used. Moderate drop so it’s easy to ride in any hand position. Slight flare is great for off-road and on-road, flat portion feels great when you want to sit up and relax and the width is perfect. Wish these were sold individually – I’d run them on all my bikes.

So I’m still riding this bike and still enjoying it. I’ll update once I get some more mores but for now it’s working really well as a bike, to do bike stuff with.



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