What I’m Carrying – Regular Road Rides

This seems like a lot.

  • Crankbros M19 multitool
  • 2 x tubes
  • 8xAA batteries
  • Handwarmers and foot warmers
  • Small adjustable crescent wrench
  • 1 x pedro’s tire lever
  • 1 x crankbros speedier tire lever
  • 1 x leatherman squirt clone
  • 1 x patch kit
  • $7 tucked into patch kit
  • MP3 player
  • 1 x Olight S15
  • 3 clif bars but also 2 power bars and 1 pack of shot blocks
  • Altura 2.5 pocket rocket rain jacket
  • Lifeline CNC mini pump
  • CO2 inflator and 1 CO2 cartridge

Not that we’re in daylight savings time I gotta take out the extra batteries. And since we didn’t get a winter this year the hand/foot warmers were unnecessary but still nice to have.


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