Kenda Slant Six 29×2.3 Review


These are the stock tires on the 2016 Raleigh Tekoa Comp I recently purchased. They are without a doubt the roundest tires I have ever seen. I’m not sure if this is due to the wide 30mm rims or just the tire profile but wow look at that curve. The roundness allows the contact patch to stay a consistent size and profile as the bike is leaned over. On a less round tire, as you lean over the contact patch changes size and often gets narrower and longer. This can lead to inconsistent feel as traction can change depending on lean angle and often goes from a lot->a little->a lot and this change in traction can cause over-steer or under-steer.

Over Under Steer

So, very round and very wide.

Left to right; Continental Race King, Michelin Wild Race’r and Kenda Slant Six.
How do they ride?

They roll over everything. The tires are tall, 58mm/2.28, so there is a lot of float and rollover. I’m still fine tuning the pressure but otherwise they ride very well. Pedaling feels kind of mucky but it appears to just be a feeling as the speed is not affected. Kind of like riding a cushy road tire, you feel slower but you’re actually going as fast or faster.

Being so tall and wide there is some potential for self-steer and over-steer during turning so lower pressures may not work very well with these tires.

Traction seems very good, the tire compound seems really grippy. I’m not sure if that is just because they’re new or if it’s the compound itself but I had no issues in the dry during hard cornering or front-bias downhill braking. I ran a tough descent in my fastest time ever, cutting 23 seconds off a segment where my previous time was 1:54.

Overall I’m happy with them and plan to use them for the races I have for the rest of the year.


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