2016 Raleigh Tekoa Comp First Look

Update: Here’s a link to the second look review.


So far I’m really happy with this bike, hands down the best deal ever for a thru-axle, air fork 29er with wide rims and hydraulic brakes with modern geometry. $549 from Raleigh shipped to your door!

That’s crazy.

Anyway, the bike rides exactly like you would expect. It’s easy to turn, feels good counter-steering and has no problem leaning on off-chamber or rocky rooty turns. Hydro-formed tubing is slightly more harsh than my previous round-tubed steel frame but the wider tires seem to take the edge off.

The stock tires are great, they are super round and have what feels like endless grip. Here’s my first look review.

I don’t have enough time to really know the bike yet but I’ve got some races coming up and have been riding it more so I’ll update if I notice any quirks or anything else. Right now it is pretty cool, rides fast, has a decent parts suite and overall great modern engineering and features.


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