Soma Double Cross Disc Front Loading

  • 34mm tires
  • 67mm trail
  • 420mm handlebars
  • 6 pounds of baggage up front

Compared to my high trail Haanjo Comp the Soma rides much better. Less body english and seems to want to lean more easily and takes twisty descents a lot better. Rides more like a normal bike without the high-trail resistance to lean and then hard flop.

There’s some shimmy at weird times but I think that might be due to my less than rigid mounting style so I’m going to try to firm it up this weekend. Same with the bag, its kinda floppy right now but hey it was only $2 at the thrift store.

The trail is still pretty high but I’m ok with it, the bike is fun to ride and more fun than the Haanjo was with the same load. Soma has a low trail disc fork coming out that I’m going to buy since I want to experience low trail myself but this is pretty good for now.

I’ve only got one ride on it but it seems like it’s a good combo so far.


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