I’ve been taking this in the morning and after my rides for a few weeks and what I’ve noticed:

  • I don’t have to drink nearly as much water. I did Southern Cross – a four hour race in reasonably warm weather (50-55 degrees) and drank less than two 22 ounce bottles. Last year was similar weather and I went through a 72 ounce camelback.
  • I seem to recover a lot better. Riding 15+ hours a week is much easier than I feel like it was previously.
  • Lower heart rate, more muscle intense riding is easier to do for long periods. Similar to a fixed gear I can climb standing at a lower cadence much easier than sitting and spinning at a high heart rate.
  • There does not seem to be any additional weight or “pump” of water retention. I’m not saying it’s not there, I’m saying I don’t notice. Southern Cross seemed to bear this out, I was climbing as well as ever with no feeling of additional weight.

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