Michelin Wild Race’r Review – 26 x 2.25

I got these tires because they were reasonably cheap ($24.99 from Wiggle), have a mildly aggressive tread that looks like it will roll well on pavement and were reasonably lightweight. Basically I plan to run these on my gravel hardtail for the 2-3 races I’m participating in this year. Last year I rode Forte Tsali 2.3s which were ok but seemed slow on pavement and smooth gravel. So these seemed like they would be a little faster option.

Here’s Michelin’s webpage for them: http://bike.michelinman.com/tires/michelin-wild-race-r

Installation impressions: So far they seem ok. Lateral and radial runout is good, they weigh 600 grams each. First glance and they do appear undersized, right at 2 inches but this may be partially due to the narrow Mavic 317 rims which are only 17.4mm wide on the inside.

First ride impressions: Tires roll faster than the Forte Tsali/Pisgah I was riding previously. I ran 30 psi in the rear and 27 psi in the front. This seemed about perfect in the 70 degree weather. Probably going to need to go up a bit in the cold. They feel like they have less absolute grip in the center section, I slipped on a root I’ve never slipped on before. But more grip in the corners. Which is what I wanted, good characteristics for a gravel tire. Tires also expanded every so slightly from 50mm to 52mm.

So I like them, they roll well and handle cornering well. I was getting wheel flex before sidewall collapse so there’s a good combo of tire pressure and sidewall strength.

First Race Update: 2/25/2017: I just got done racing at the Assault on Currahee Mountain, a gravel/dirt road race in the Lake Russell WMA near Cornelia, GA. These tires performed awesome. They are fast on the road, fast and grippy on dirt and gravel and they seem nice and supple at my preferred pressure. Once these wear out I am going for the advance version which should roll a little faster and perhaps be a little grippier?



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