Shimano RD-M592 Rear Derailleur – Just Doesn’t Work

It’s rare for a modern bike part to be so poorly engineered that it doesn’t work at all. This derailleur came on my mountain bike. It worked great at first but after a hundred hours or so it started failing to shift. Like actually not shifting up or down. The cable would pull and move but the derailleur would not move enough to switch gears on one or even two clicks.

Drove me CRAZY for months with this. I changed cables, hangers, housing – messed with the shifters. It was awful. This fucked up more than one event for me and made me super frustrated.  I read through this thread and after seeing other people’s experiences, tossed mine right in the trash (not really – I can’t throw anything away so it’s in the “worn-out parts” bin BUT STILL)

So fuck this derailleur. I replaced it with a Sora RD-3500 which handles the same exact cassette and chainring combos just fine.




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