Kenda Happy Medium 700×40 Review

Here’s the specs from the company site:


These tires are great, the fastest rolling knobby tread tire I’ve used. I plan to do all my flatland gravel racing on these next year.

On road they are obviously slower than a smooth tread tire but they feel fast and are fun to ride. When I did my first shakedown ride I figured it would be like when I rode Small Block 8s or WTB Nanos – fun on dirt but really boring on the road. Not with these tires, I ended up riding for an extra hour and then just riding the bike for the next two weeks. They didn’t have that saggy/boggy feeling a lot of dirt tires have.

Also got me back into monster cross. I’d ride around on the road for an hour in the morning til the trails opened, hit the singletrack for an hour and then go home really satisfied with a fun ride. The tires seemed to handle the rocky, rooty Sope Creek trails just fine. I ran them around 35 psi with tubes for a 200 pound rider/bike weight and had no problem riding hard and fast. Of course, being a steel cyclocross bike the ride was interesting to say the least and overall much slower than an MTB but still very fun.

I also raced two gravel events on the tires. They handled the dry, dusty conditions fine. Rolled fast, cornered well and seemed to be on par with the other riders. I did note that the microknobs on the rear were showing some wear after about 200 road miles+100 gravel miles but I would suspect traction in the dry would not decrease much if they disappear completely. Wet conditions may be another issue but I’ll update if we ever get any rain.

The tires with tubes were ever so slightly undersized on the stock HED Tomcat 25mm width rims. Front and rear were both 39.5 after about 300 miles. So expect them to be a little narrower on narrower rims and maybe up to stated width when run tubeless.

So, overall really good tires I think.

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