Winter Clothing Considerations and Other Stuff

This is kind of dumb but I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit.

So I’ve been riding in a cotton t-shirt with a wool/polypro pullover on top and have been much warmer than previous years where I wore a jersey and baselayer.

I’m wondering if I’m just acclimated to the cold or if there’s a difference between relative warmth of a slightly looser baselayer/top and a tight fitting jersey.

I’m thinking my body does better by being insulated through tiny warm air pockets near my skin from looser fitting tops than it would by a thick(er) layer right against the skin.

I remember getting up early to ride in November dressed in regular kit, coasting down the hill out of my apartment and getting blasted by a freezing wind that cut right through my kit. Turned around, went home and went back to bed. I have yet to have that knife-edge wind wearing looser tops. A lot of the polypro clothing I have is just cold feeling too. I’ve never gotten out of a shower during the winter and been like “Oh man I really want to put on one of those 100% poly racing t-shirts.”

They’re just colder I guess.

But really maybe this is just a renaissance of going back to how I used to ride. Cut-offs, t-shirts, a hat and my bicycle.

Which moves me to another thing I’ve been thinking about. When I first, first started riding if someone asked me how my bike rode I would respond like this:

“Man, fixed gear riding is so fun. It feels so fast and looks so cool. I got wide tires (lol @28s) and they ride really well and sometimes it’s bumpy and sometimes I feel slow and shitty but I really like riding and going places I’ve never been and seeing how fast I can ride sometimes.”

Now? Someone asks me and I respond like an asshole:

“Well, 650b is obviously more cush than a 700c tire but I’ve found it to be slower as well. I like the cornering on pavement but the back end seems to be a little too stiff, look at those chainstays. I think overall the blend of road and mountain technologies is a good thing but it’s not quite perfect yet. The bike feels good on most terrain but I think the stiffness of the frame and especially the front end give it sort of a dead feeling on gravel and rough terrain. It doesn’t necessarily plane for me but in some instances it performs really well.”

‘Course this is just symptomatic of the bigger issue of having 6 bikes, discretionary income, and no real time obligations outside of a job. Back when I was poor, unemployed and living at my mom’s house “things” were a lot easier because there wasn’t any other option. Try to find a job, spend time with my family and ride my bike. It was nice I guess.


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