Kit Review – State Bicycle, Heavy Pedal, Veloce and dhb

Let’s start with the worst and move up to best

Heavy Pedal –

Heavy Pedal is here to take your money with the lowest quality kit I’ve used in a long time. The fabric feels smooth but is actually mildly abrasive the more you wear it. It does not handle rain well and tends to sag and parachute when very wet. Does not provide much warmth. One of the pockets came un-stitched almost immediately and overall pocket storage feels undersized. Chamois was uncomfortable and oddly sized. Jersey fits like a cut between club and race, kinda shitty. Shorts are true to size. DO NOT buy these kits at full price. These are definitely not worth $140 per kit. They often go on sale for 25-40% off. At the latter they are barely worth it but overall I would not recommend at all.

State Bicycle –

State Bicycle is next, these kits are ok but like Heavy Pedal are VERY overpriced. Currently regular styled kits are $149 and the USA/UK flag kits are $89. The USA/UK kits are priced ok but would be more appropriately priced at $69. I purchased two USA kits on sale for something like $59 each. The shorts wore out in less than 50 wearings and wore out worse than anything I’ve seen before. I’m taking both inside seams fell apart, a hole wore though the tailbone area, the chamois came un-stitched and they faded badly. This was with line-drying and gentle wash. The fit is race cut, jersey fits tight and material feels good in dry and wet weather. Shorts are slightly undersized and chamois is fat with a small footprint, not a great design. I would not recommend unless found for less than retail.

dhb –

dhb is a Wiggle house brand.  Their pricing in inconsistent as there are currency conversions and overall sales pricing is weird. Kits range from $100-150 and I find them to be an average value at the high end and a good value at the low end. These kits are very feature-rich. Aero styling, zipper pockets, reflective touch, excellent graphic design, and good materials. I got about 70ish wearings out of my kit before the shorts were too thin to wear, a good number for the price. Jersey fits race cut but is long in the back so loading your pockets tends to make it sag. You can see it below:

Shorts are true fit with a good chamois. I currently have two more kits I am going to rotate until they wear out. I would recommend these kits at any price but try to find a sale.

Veloce –

Veloce is the best – comfortable, thick without being hot or constricting, durable. I got upwards of 120 wearings out of this before it got to thin in the shorts. Fit is excellent, fits like a good race cut in shorts and jersey but with exceptional tailoring so it feels good to move. Chamois is good density and size and showed almost no wear despite being my main racewear and long ride (+6 hours) wear for two years. I have no complaints, very pricey but worth it.


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