Fall is here – Kennesaw Mountain

It’s been three weeks since I’ve ridden a road bike. My time has been spent in the woods.

Watching the leaves, relearning to corner and how to pick a line. Seeing the sunset every night amidst a sea of color.

Going faster and smoother than ever before. It’s been three weeks of a smile every day. T-shirts and cutoffs – no hats, just caps.

But today it was time to go back to the road. Faster and further than I could go on the leafy trails of Cochran Shoals. I head north, under the shadow of a hundred million dollar stadium.

Past million dollar cargo jets – touch and go all evening. I make it to Marietta, Kennesaw mountain and climb. All ride my legs have felt strong, like I could pedal forever.

Riding Sope Creek every day has made me strong. I wish I felt like this all the time.


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