Motobecane 450ht racing trim

I believe this was the first time I did the ride out to Tribble Mill to race and then ride home. Makes for an additional 2-2.5 hours of riding. Bonus looks from the staff at Chiplote when you stop to get a burrito.

I can’t believe that was what I raced, and did well with. I think I got second in the Base category of 10 people?

That setup is ridiculous.

::ETA:: This picture if from the second time I went out there:

3 hours of Tacos, several hours of crying.

Top 5 hardest days on the bike. Probably should have taken that offer from my old head mechanic a ride. Crashed once at 0 miles an hour when I got my front wheel stuck in a hole. Ran my stem flipped up and felt significantly more control, cornering was a snap as long as if was flat. Off-camber still presents a challenge but it’s getting better. Once again sausage and hamburgers seem to be the best dinner option the night before. Also rode with a camelbak off the first time. No comfort issues and was a real lifesaver, sucked down 72 ounces in the first hour but never got a chance to refill. Belt/suspenders approach saved me as I was able to quickly fill my bottle from coolers at the start for the last 3 laps. I’m not quite sure I’ve ever eaten so much during a ride; 3 clif bars, a clif gel, 22 ounces powerade, and a small coke. And that was just during the race!


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