USA Cycling has destroyed any integrity cycling sport had left.

I’m pretty ambivalent about USAC racing but somehow I missed this.



Veloclinic did a better take:

but I want to type something too cause I’m ANGRY.

Completely destroys any integrity of the sport. Can’t imagine why I would even hold another USAC racing license when the people I am competing against are doping with express approval of the governing body?

I’m always interested to see just how much faster the 40+, 50+ and 60+ mtb categories are around here. Buncha horeshit if you ask me.

First guy is an asshole, he’s STILL actively competing. Do you think everyone who came in after him knows he’s doping?

It’s not about the win/lose. It’s about blowing yourself up to hang on a wheel or keep up with another rider. These efforts can destroy your race, especially if the other rider is doped up or has been pharmacologically assisting their training. Either way this is awful.

The second dude is even worse: Holy shit with this guy:


What a fucking asshole. At least he doesn’t race, just slings the dope and uses lawyers to allow him to boost his market. Now he can hype the Recreational TUE to his users and get them hooked on “low-T.”

What’s really interesting is he wrote a book in early-2012:

And then only rode three mountain bike races in late 2012/early 2013. The third of which he got popped, lawyered up and got USAC to change its policy. HMMMMMM.

I can’t wait to spend all winter training to get my nuts kicked in by some asshole on T or HGH who’s doing it under a RTUE or if it’s non-USAC because the RTUE destroys the integrity for all bicycle racing sport so if there’s no chance of a test, why wouldn’t they use drugs?

Reminds me of “exercise-induced asthma” ya ok that’s great.

Fuck off USA Cycling.


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