Babyshoe Pass Size Update

Have a bit more than 200k on the tires now. Still undersized but expanded about 1mm from previous measurement. I don’t expect they’ll get any bigger now. I think I’m going back to Hetres or the WTB Horizon after this, no reason the run undersized tires.

In the same vein, I heard the new Snoqualmie Pass 700×44 are actually 38 as well. This shit again, businesses thinking their customers are idiots. I expect the same hand-waving mysticism we always see. Whatever, at least they ride well.

Babyshoe Pass 650bx42 on Stans Crest rim.

Grand Bois Hetre 650bx42 on Stans Crest rim


8 thoughts on “Babyshoe Pass Size Update

  1. What would you say would be the max tire size you could squeeze onto the Haanjo with 650b wheels? I’m currently using 700c wheels (17.5mm internal width) with WTB Nanos (measured a hair under 42mm), but would love more volume.

    • If you want tread you’re probably limited to something slightly under 50mm so a small 27.5×1.9 would work but I’m not sure how common that size is? Smooth tread tires you’ve got few more millimeters but I’d expect to cap out at 52mm. I can measure fork crown and chainstay width a little later this afternoon if you’re interested.

      • What kind of fork? I posted a pic as a new post if you want to check it out. Looks like just under 50 with knobbies would be ok and just over 50 with smooth tread.

      • A Whisky CX fork with fender mounts (not currently running fenders). I haven’t measured it to the OEM fork, but they look about the same. Thanks for the photo on the rear chain stay clearance, the 650b definitely allows for a lot more volume, especially with slicks. Thanks!

  2. Thought you’d be interested: I was able to squeeze a WTB Horizon (650b x 47) tire onto a 22.5mm internal width wheel. Whisky fork. Fits great!

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