Cycling is expensive?

I was looking through my email for some of the prices and stuff and it reminded me that my first pair of cycling shoes were a birthday gift from my mother. A 28th birthday gift, to be exact. I find this deeply embarrassing, perhaps some unexplored psyche issues there? Have to come back to this later.

Anyway I recently wore through my awesome DHB Pro ASV shorts and was thinking about how much they cost per use.

I got the shorts on May 4th, 2015 along with a matching jersey. Quite a nice kit, lightweight with those borderline useless features that are fun to gush about to your cat but don’t really do much overall.

So the shorts are worn out, which always happens before the jersey is done. Vincent Antonelli explained this pretty clearly in My Blue Heaven:


“What happens in the pants are going to have to go to the dry cleaners more often than the jacket and pretty soon you end up with a suit that doesn’t match…”

In this case, the pants do all the stretching, rubbing and moving and the jersey just sits there. Soon enough the pants are ready for the trash but the jersey has another year or two before it gets too thin. Since I only bought one pair of shorts the jersey is binned as well, can’t be caught dead in mismatched kit.

I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB and discretionary income!

So the kit cost to my house was $66.49 for shorts and 56.99 for the jersey, $123.48 total. I wore this kit about once a week for a little less than a year and a half. Figure 70 weeks total. Got a lot of use out of it, did some races, did some very long rides and really liked the look and fit.

Total cost per ride is $1.76

Damn that seems like a lot. Figure my average ride is about 2 hours and that includes 1-2 powerbars or other sports candy and that adds another $1.50

$3.26 a ride now

Tires last 6400 miles for a pair, which is really an exaggeration as a prudent person would replace much earlier. Lets knock it back 10%. Tires last 5800 miles. Cost for 2 x Grand Bois Hetres is $131.65 to my house (!) so average ride is 30 miles, I would get 193 rides out of them. $0.68 per ride. Dang that looks pretty good now.

$3.95 now

My helmet was $30 almost five years ago so it’s essentially $0 but lets say $0.05 a ride.

$4.00 now is nice and round.


As I mentioned earlier my shoes (SHAME AT MY MOM BUYING ME RECREATIONAL ITEMS AT AGE 28) were a gift but they actually cost $67.99 and $9.99 shipping and (fuck) tax $4.68 so total would be $82.66

I’ve worn them at least 700 times. For a while I tried to rock some Giro shoes but they were so small and cold that it didn’t last. Looked good when I was racing at the track though.

Anyway, my shoes per ride cost would be $0.12 per ride. NICE!

So $4.12 per ride.

Figure water, power for other stuff, phone for strava are all free because they’re not bike items. You know when I started this I thought it was really expensive per ride but looking at it now $4.12 for two hours of entertainment is a really good deal. This will obviously help assuage my $3000+ bike expenditure for this year. Also memories of a $6000 year in 2013. Jesus Christ now I wish I hadn’t written this stupid thing. How embarrassing (again!)

Oh wait, I forgot THE FUCKING BIKE!

So Diamondback is owned by Accell Group and Accell Group has a very liberal corporate discount policy. So for now and the foreseeable future I can get some very handsome deals on Diamondback bikes. Which is great for me cause I’m not a snobby dipshit.

So my bike cost $775 WITH FREE SHIPPING! For an aluminum 21 pound 105 (well not the cranks) gravel themed bike. Now, considering my longest lived bike has lasted for 400 rides before the frame broke I am going to be generous and assume the same for this bike. So per ride cost would be $1.94

Ok now we’re at $6.06, still a really good deal!


I guess next I’m going to look at VeloViewer and Mapmyride to add up all my rides, then at my expenditure spreadsheets to total all my bike related expenses and then my eyes will pop out of my head as it’s exploding under the crushing forces of overwhelming feelings of wasted time and money on a hobby that provides little lasting skills or relationships.




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