An overview of Internet bicycle forums

Bikeforums: Most posters don’t know anything and just parrot what someone else thought up and wrote. Most riders are “training” but don’t compete, or complete I guess, in any events.

MTBR forums: SoCal is full of batshit horse people. Complain about how much things cost and how nothing is compatible anymore.

Paceline: Self hating dentists who don’t ride anymore. All have 50 bikes and love to nut suck brands I’ve never heard of. Serotta? Seven? I dunno

Pinkbike: This is where the hundreds of different MTB standards really fuck things up. I never read this forum because I never see a thread that applies to me since it’s always some crazy specific conversation.

RoadBikeReview: Threads here will always come up in google when I’m trying to answer some obscure question. I’ll open the thread, read the few replies and then go get my question answered somewhere else. I guess I’m dumb.

Slowtwitch: You know triathletes.

Tarckbike: “ is down”

VelocipedeSalon: Mine the old Fred Blasdel posts, don’t read anything else. Maybe the TRP thread but otherwise this forum is for framemaker fellatio only. Gross.


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