Grand Bois Hetres Review

Hetres despise the flatlands. They will fight you every inch if the road is straight and flat. Your pedal strokes will disappear into nothingness and each ride will be an eternity. Pump them too hard and they will flat at every opportunity. They’ll tell you what they want.

Less pressure. Ok just a little bit less.

They crave elevation, rolling hills and steep switchbacks they shine on. Take them to the top of any mountain and they will give you everything they have and more on the way down. Twists and turns warm their blood and give them life.

Lean your bike.


Lean your bike.

There is almost endless grip as you descend. The rough hand of gravity taking you by the throat.

They will change you as a rider. Group rides, everyone will stare but no one will ask about them. Surely you’ll be dropped soon.

Off-chamber hundred and twenty degree turn, asphalt cracked and broken coming up at speed? Bare your teeth as you feel the group hesitate and slow as you fling yourself forward, throwing yourself into the turn, snapping around the corner in a way that others cannot match with their pencil thin rubbers.

You will feel the tires grip, throttling the pavement into submission. They will lead the way for you, absorbing as much as they can, a floating carpet of speed and agility.

If you ride long enough and far enough they’ll start talking to you.

go check out that singletrack

is that a rock garden

take a right there’s a dirt shortcut with some tech

You can go anywhere and you can go there fast. Skinny tires are great if you’re competing against other humans. These tires are the ones you want if what what you’re fighting is bigger than that.



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