Cedartown – canceled

ugh broke my crankarm at the pedal eye at 5:15am and just couldn’t ever recover. I was able to ride back to my car without any real issues. Felt funny as the pedal spindle wasn’t square but it didn’t break apart so that was nice. Then I spent about 4 hours driving. First to my mom’s for a replacement crank and then to my apartment to install and then back to Cartersville to try to salvage my ride. Should have just given up and called it a day. Couldn’t find my center after I restarted, it was hot and bright and windy and the terrain was just not working for me. It was too flat and the hills that were on the route just came without rhythm. There was a road closed detour and my rear derailleur wasn’t working on account of changing my freehub the night before. So basically a crap ride but I had the attitude to match.

Still better than not riding.



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