Some more 650b thoughts

It occurred to me on my ride last Saturday that I’m actually just a tourist who doesn’t like to camp. If I made a little more money I would spend every weekend just riding around staying in hotels and exploring. Quite a blow to my self-image as a privateer road/track/mtb racer.

Just needs a huge rear rack and some panniers.
Anyway, was messing with Veloviewer and thought this data was interesting. The GTR is a regular aluminum racing-style 700c road bike, aero wheels and 25/26 tires. The DC D 650b is a disc brake steel cross bike with 650×42 tires. Both were wearing fenders and I weighed about the same and rode about the same level of exertion on both. Interesting that the GTR just kicks ass on long rides with a lot of climbing. To even break 16 miles per hour on 650b I need to keep the ft/mile under 50.


Of course, I’m ignoring the blatant differences but I think they’re just noise. While I was pondering this earlier on my walk it occurred to me that if I wanted to really test this I should just take the DC D 650b and swap in the 700c disc wheelset I have, ride around on 25/26 tires for a while and see what the data says. My next thought:

“But then I’d have to ride around on skinny tires and avoid gravel/dirt/singletrack, stop routing myself into the middle of nowhere and lose the ability to jump curbs, ride off road to avoid traffic and abandon the dgaf style that the 650b tires afford.”

Oh man I’m way down the fat tire rabbit hole. I’ve been seriously considering trying out the 26″ Rat Trap Pass tires. I don’t even have a good reason, just seems like the fatter tires would ride better.

Which is exactly what a fucking tourist would say.


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