This is very good

Thought I would share something that inspires me.

After a long day on my bicycle, I feel refreshed, cleansed, purified. I feel that I have established contact with my environment and that I am at peace. On days like that I am permeated with a profound gratitude for my bicycle. Even if I did not enjoy riding, I would still do it for my peace of mind. What a wonderful tonic to be exposed to bright sunshine, drenching rain, choking dust, dripping fog, rigid air, punishing winds!

Paul de Vivie -“Vélocio” (1853 -1930)

1. Make your stops short and infrequent so as not to lose your drive.
2. Eat lightly and often. Eat before getting hungry, drink before you are thirsty.
3. Never ride until you are so tired that you cannot eat or sleep.
4. Put on extra clothing before you’re cold, and take it off before you’re hot. Don’t be afraid of exposing your skin to the sun, air, and rain.
5. Don’t drink wine, eat meat, or smoke—at least during the ride.
6. Never rush things. Ride within yourself, particularly during the first few hours of a ride when you feel strong and are tempted to force the pace.
7. Never pedal out of vanity, don’t be a show-off.

Cycling Facility Deficiencies in the Metro Altanta Area

This probably going to be a multi-part post but I figured I might as well start with what was bothering me today.

Let me lay a ground rule, if you can ride without extreme stress or danger during rush hour that roadway/route is a good, acceptable route. That cycling facility is a developed and effective transport corridor. A nice example of this is Interstate Parkway between Powers Ferry and Northside Drive.


You can ride this road any time of day and it feels low stress and safe since there is a wide shoulder and good sight lines. This road counts as a facility since it serves as the only safe, low stress, east-west crossing of the Chattahoochee within 4-5 miles. You can enter the roadway from a nice trail and you exit the roadway onto a slightly busy but within capacity 3 lane road that flows to a 2 lane with good shoulder.

An area with minor deficiencies is Mt. Vernon highway between Crestline Pkwy and Vernon Woods


The bicycle lanes at Perimeter Center do not have a good connection the the bicycle lanes on Abernathy and this is the only effective connection as the other roadways are high-traffic and/or high speed combined with narrow lane width. It only has minor deficiencies since the roads are reasonably wide and the traffic is generally slowed by the multiple lights with poor timing. The most stressful area is the slight rise and narrowing of the roadway after Barfield heading West. I ride this route often at all times of the day and it is passable but would be significantly improved with a bike lane. The other East-West options are poor. Abernathy E-W is a slaughterhouse and unsuitable for biking due to lane width and freeway entering/exiting traffic. Hammond is passable at offpeak hours heading West but it has a significant hill and a freeway entrance ramp. Heading East is ok during most times but you end up on roads that are high-traffic and speed during peak times. An effective solution would be a bike lane starting from  Johnson Ferry/Glenridge and continuing to Hammond and then ending at the bike lanes on Perimeter Pkwy East.

These are fairly minor as there are other ways that are inconvenient but still passable to get East-West over 400. Let’s look at a major deficiency.

If one wanted to get from near northside Sandy Springs to the bicycle infrastructure in John’s Creek/Peachtree Corners and from there an easy transition to Sugarloaf and Lawrenceville they would find no good routes. The most common off-peak route is to take surface roads to Spalding and then Spalding all the way over to the bike lane on Peachtree Pkwy. From there it’s smooth sailing to Lawrenceville.


The issue is that Spalding is medium stress offpeak and abolutely high-high stress during peak hours as it is a main thoroughfare for commuters and parents. The worst possible combination. Spalding is narrow and has choke points where it shrinks due to business and residential development and has a few short steep hills with no shoulder. Not an option during peak hours. Furthermore the Chattahoochee prevents any more northern crossing and industry to the south does the same. There is nothing else, the only other option is trying to come up through Norcross.


This forces a crossing of Peachtree Industrial Blvd and still exposes you to the murderous rage of commuters. It also requires a crossing of Jimmy Carter. Which is actually pretty ok, you can enter near a light and although there’s no shoulder if you go at peak times the heavy traffic works in your favor. Still not a good route but slightly lower (still high!) stress than Spalding.

I think the main failing of modern cycling infrastructure is the positioning of bike lanes as a thoroughfare that needs to be several miles in length and almost always on an already busy street. We have this issue in metro Atlanta quite a bit. The bike lanes on Johnson Ferry are pretty much unusable going up the hill south as the bike lane is very narrow and road traffic is flying by at 50+ mph while you’re trying to ride up the hill at less than 10 mph. Same with parts of Sugarloaf. These types of infrastructure have their place but it would be better to supplment with strategic, shorter sections of bike lane as well. The lanes on Peachtree Pkwy/Industrial can take a cyclists very far but if there’s no good way to get to them what’s the point?

Of course, now we’re butting up against cyclist philosophy. There are a ton of cyclists, who aren’t commuters, who don’t care. They’re perfectly happy to embrace the ritual of cycling and ride the exact same half dozen or so routes in perpetuity. Others, like myself, are taken by the journey, the lore of the road, the ability to go places for no other reason than they are there and should be seen. To do so requires the ability to string together roads that have the most minimal impact on other and allow a safe transition from place to place. As I ride more and more in metro Altanta I’ll try to identify additional areas that could use improvement as well as other options that are non-obvious.



Ready for summer

Distance comes hard these days.

2016-05-19_11-01-39People are everywhere all the time. Stoplights suck the joy out of every mile. 10 minutes is an hour. I miss being on the road by 4:45am, ready to be far from home, exhausted and burning in the sun. I’m worried the miles won’t come easy, summer over and gone

More Doom Thoughts

Funny how this followed the growth of a large chunk of it’s player audience.

Doom (1993); older children/young teens; run around with guns killing monsters!

Doom 3 (2004); old teens/young adults; More realism in my space marine demon shooter!

Doom (2016); full blown adults; realism sucks! adulthood sucks! back to form please!

Doom 2016

I just spent half my Saturday and most of my Sunday blazing through this game. It’s really an awesome experience. Here is a really excellent review someone posted in the PAForums thread.

“It doesn’t matter which direction you go, you just have to go that direction as furiously as possible.”

Dirty Spokes 3 Hours of Fort Yargo – A Race For Assholes

Here’s how it went.

Racers pissing everywhere

Mass start for 3 and 6 hour races at the top of a small hill, down over a bridge which had about 5 feet to one side blocked off. A nicely designed funnel.

300+ racers all start at the same time and there are at least 2 crashes, one shockingly serious of the low speed at which it occurred.

There was no splitting of fields, no advisement to self-seed. We’ve got a 15 year old in gym shorts and sneakers in the front row, because that’s where his dad told him to go. 60 year old beginners crowding for space 3rd row from the front. It was a total cluster fuck that could have been 100% avoided.

Once the race started there were issues with non-participants one the course. One of the aforementioned dads taking up space on a narrow path that could only really support 3-4 riders at once, trying to film his son with a helmet mounted gopro. Seriously? We’ve got 200+ riders trying to come through here and you’re doing this?

The single track comes quickly. No room to pass, significant twists and turns but not enough to get any separation. The aggro old men in the back are yelling to pass while the aggro old women in front are blocking any attempts with their poor riding and lack of fitness/power. SELF-SEED people!

The next crash I see involves three younger women riders. They’re a tangle of bikes and bodies as I ride past shortly before the third mile. This has the unintentional effect of splitting the field. Finally some room!

I’m third wheel in a group of three when the lead rider tags a tree with one end of his handlebars and subsequently tags his dick with the other end. He instantly splays out in the trail, the 2nd rider narrowly avoids him and I have to jam my brakes to do so as well. As I ride by he lets out a groan and grabs his crotch. the next lap is uneventful. I have fun on the climbs, pass a few riders and get passed a few times.

The second lap starts with the siren wail of an emergency siren floating through the woods. Amid this haunting call I do my best to keep my small buffer of space in front and behind. Around mile 7-8 a root jumps out of the ground and eats my front wheel. I crash hard and take a few minutes to rest. Get passed by all the people I passed earlier and a few extra. I decide to continue on and mentally regroup pretty quickly.

The final lap is exciting, I’m juiced on caffeine and feeling good. The race is going fast and I’m feeling ok about my crash. Around mile 3 I see ambulances just off the trail, within a few hundred yards I come upon three riders stopped and a pair of emergency ATVs. A rider is strapped into a back board on one of the ATVs. I yell for stopping for several times as a few more riders stack up behind me. We wait in confused silence for a few minutes before the ATVs start moving. We ride slowly behind, a snake off six or seven riders unsure what to do but not passing. A lone rider comes flying by off trail to the right and weaves past the ATVs. The medics yell at him, the other riders yell at him. What a dick.

The ATVs clear the trail shortly after and we resume our “race.” The unsporting rider is quickly caught and passed, admonishments flow free from the other races. Competition should be honorable.

I wrap up my race. Noting I am somehow in the expert class and not sport. Oddly enough I appear to have placed exactly the same regardless of if I was sport or expert?

This race was a poor experience. The other racers came off like dicks, the promoter did not structure the start in a safe manner and overall it is much too crowded and should be capped or run as a split field.