Assault on Mt Currahee Results 2016!2016-assault-on-currahee-mountain/rh7e2

I made a graph.

Currahee Graph


Soma Double Cross Disc 650b




Some notes:

  • There’s lots of room to spare for 650x42mm tires and fenders. Probably would be no problem running 650bx48 tires either.
  • The bike handles great with the wider tires. Feels responsive and very fast.
  • Climbing is a little less connected – the frame has a little bit of flex that feels great with higher pressure 700c tires but can get a little boggy-feeling with lower pressures. The difference between 35 and 40 psi on my Hetres was enough to notice under really spirited climbing.
  • BB height difference is a non-issue – difference is minor and the frame is designed with a fairly high bb anyway.