Mt Currahee 2016 Race Report

It was hard and I had a bad attitude.

What I learned is that if you eat a bunch of candy all week your body doesn’t want any more on race day, worse if you try to do the caffeinated gels.

My descending during the race was so unfun I decided to run my MTB at Southern Cross.

I loved the experience and I can’t wait for next year.






Soma Double Cross Disc 650b




Some notes:

  • There’s lots of room to spare for 650x42mm tires and fenders. Probably would be no problem running 650bx48 tires either.
  • The bike handles great with the wider tires. Feels responsive and very fast.
  • Climbing is a little less connected – the frame has a little bit of flex that feels great with higher pressure 700c tires but can get a little boggy-feeling with lower pressures. The difference between 35 and 40 psi on my Hetres was enough to notice under really spirited climbing.
  • BB height difference is a non-issue – difference is minor and the frame is designed with a fairly high bb anyway.

Secondhand Market Questions

So, if I only even buy used/secondhand items. Do my purchases impact the new markets for those items.Wikipedia has a blurb here:

This paper has a really interesting summary:

I’m going to dive into this a little more in the next few weeks as I’m wondering how my actions as a consumer are potentially affecting the markets in which I operate.



This pepper grinder is sold as a disposable item. I was able to use $80 in tools to open it and refill with pepper purchased in a non-grinder bulk container.


Most of these knives were purchased second-hand, one of them was found on the side of the road.

Project Progress

I cleaned the Master, removed the bar tape and shifters and need to clean them and re-mount. Also discovered the Alpha Road still has the original handlebar tape under the camo. Master tape was original wrap and very difficult to remove. The previous owner also appeared to have used motor oil for all lubrication so the chain, cassette and cables are all pretty gross.  Pulled the 105 derailleur and will install the original rx-100.