What are you training for?


I’ve been spending too much time reading cycling forums and facebook posts this week. Seems like no one rides a bike, everyone is “training.” Of course, in the Spring there will be a conspicuous lack of race results or other markers of the logical conclusion to “training.”

Although I’ve done some sort of racing every year since I began cycling seriously, training is something I’ve not really experienced. I usually just ride around looking at things and thinking about things. I did train a few years ago for the Alabama state road race championships, a race ridden on road bikes. I rode my fixed gear around a hilly 4km mile loop to prepare, so it’s pretty clear my understanding of training was not very clear. Although I suppose it was more apathy to the entire race-industrial complex.

You don’t exist if you’re not training on a racing bike.

But that’s ok with me. I’m currently riding around looking at things and thinking about what kind of bike I want to ride at Southern Cross. I really like my gravel bike but my MTB may be more fun? I did it last year in terrible muddy and wet conditions with the gravel bike so maybe the MTB will be a nice change? I think I’ll see how the weather looks. Kinda the same for the Mt. Currahee gravel race. Front suspension will be a huge improvement but one hand position seems like a drag. Maybe I need some t.o.g.s.?

I’ve also been toying with riding to the Chainbuster Tribble Mill MTB race on January 30th? I’ve done this race & ride before when it was at the height of summer and it was wonderful. Makes for about 7 hours in the kit with about 5.5 riding time and I’m not really sure I’m up for that in January when the temperature is probably going to be 30-40 degrees.

So that’s what I’m training for. Riding around looking at things and thinking about things.