Samurai Hill 2015 – Notes For Next Year


2015-10-14_12-34-37 2015-10-14_12-33-27 2015-10-14_12-33-02 2015-10-14_12-31-46Video:

Oh man.

What a race. Snapped my chain on some rough pavement about 10 miles in. Lost the lead group so I just rode in. Still a great time. Those first 10 miles were amazing. Blasting through intersections, heart pounding, and spinning my cranks a million miles and hour trying to keep up with the larger geared riders.

So here are some notes for next year.

  • Depending on the route, there are shortcuts available. Plan to take go straight up Northside Parkway, left on Garmon and so forth.
  • Stick with the main group, don’t need to pull ahead during the first section through the city. This race in won on Powers Ferry and Peachtree St.
  • Bigger gears! 50:17 is a good starting point but 48:16 is worth considering.
  • Caffeine order is important. 50mg first, 100mg next.
  • Plan to eat 1 gel right before the start, 1 gel on Howell Mill before Northside, one gel at the top of Northside and one gel at the top of Powers Ferry.
  • 200mg of caffeine over 3 gels is probably the best.
  • Breakfast should be small, one power bar only! I ate two (at 10:45) as well as had a protein (at 7:45) this year and that was too much.
  • Creatine is helpful.
  • Training for this race is group rides and racing at the track. 150/9 hours rides are very fun but do not make a winner.
  • Plan to switch gearing? Run 50/18 before and after the race but put on 50/17 or larger for the race?
  • Proper chain tension, either run shorter or run a derailleur. My chain broke because the tensioner flexed upwards and the chain popped off. Next revolution broke it.
  • Dial my race fit in earlier. I only had four rides and about 6 hours on my bike before the race. I need to at least triple this.
  • Get a better fitting frame, the performance frame was the economical choice but a better racing frame that fits properly could be a big improvement.

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