Jan Heine BS Detector


>Could Jens Voight have broken the hour record on a steel framed bike
>with drop bars, 36 spoked box rims, and Loup Loup Pass tires?  Can
>any 650b tire beat a 150 gram tubular track tire in rolling

Steel bikes are still being raced in Keirin racing in Japan, despite
the fact that other materials are allowed. Keirin riders aren’t
sponsored by bike makers, so they can ride what they want. Tony
Rominger set an hour record on a steel Colnago, albeit with disc
wheels… beating Indurain on his carbon machine.

Here we see an interesting presentation. Two sentences, both of which are correct individually but neither of which is actually true with respect to the topic at hand. The Japanese Keirin is a gambling sport that uses bicycles. The machines are regulated by a set of standards that are pretty unwavering. The goal being that all competitors are on similar equipment so the betting is “honest.” These standards date back to 1957 and were once managed by the NJS but are now overseen by the JKA Foundation. Other materials are allowed, for exhibition and women’s racing. For the men’s racing only steel can be used. Keirin riders are not sponsored but they cannot ride what they want. They must ride equipment designated as allowed by the governing body of the sport.

The second part of the quote is also misleading. Rominger was most likely doping, as was Indurain.

This is a pretty typical example of the shit I’ve been finding sprinkled around the internet. Jan has done some great things and has a very interesting periodical but can be extremely obtuse. This specific quote came from a list I found while researching why 650b tires/wheels might be slower than 700c. General consensus from the list linked above is that they aren’t but that’s obviously not true. There is a weight difference, a contact patch difference and a definite elasticity difference.

a Babyshoe Pass or Loup Loup Pass will roll as
fast or faster than most racing tires.

This is pretty disingenuous as well. Two very dissimilar tires may “roll” as fast as each other but I do not spend my time rolling along. I spend my time pedaling and this imparts significant forces on the tires and can greatly affect average speed over the course of several hours. I’ve found my 650b Hetres are as fast and faster than my 700 continental gran prix tires but only over shorter segments. Anything longer than a few minutes and the speed drops due to a combination of a few factors I’m still figuring out. Right now I’m really loving the ride of the Hetres, they’re very comfortable on the shitty roads in Atlanta. They also ride excellently on any sort of gravel, mild singletrack or dirty roads. They are killer on both shorter and longer climbs but really fall apart on flat and smooth surfaces. Probably the worst thing I deal with right now is the two hours on the Silver Comet Trail every Friday as I ride out of and then back into town. The Hetres feel terrible on the path, which isn’t really surprising. Don’t ride Hetres on a rail trail and don’t ride racing tubulars on #4 gravel. Duh.

Once again, Jan is a great figure in the world of cycling and is doing awesome things but he really has some great big blindspots and preferences that a reasonable reader should be aware of.


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