Murphy struck this morning. I had to start work an hour earlier than usual this morning, so my workout had to start at 0615. I drove 45 minutes to the start point, set the bike up, fired up the Garmin and zeroed the Powertap. I started off and the Garmin didn’t register movement or cadence or power. The last time this happened it required a hard reset to fix, so I did that and reconfigured the two screens I would need. When I zeroed the Powertap it came up 771 instead of 513 as it did before (calibration should be between 500 and 524). When it does that it means the PT battery has just died. I rode for five minutes to confirm that it wasn’t going to magically come back to life and decided to hang it up, in spite of the fact that the temps were beautiful and it was sunrise. Bah.


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