What do you eat on a 200K?

For this ride:



I ate:

  • 3 peanut butter power bars because Publix has stopped carrying the Vanilla & Chocolate flavors for some stupid reason and trying to buy Powerbars online is an exercise in realtiy-bending idiocy as the vast majority of flavors are significantly more expensive than local options. Amazon lists most bars as $1.50-$2.25 each, they’re only $1.00 at Publix/Kroger?!
  • 1 double expresso clifshot with 100mg caffeine which is basically rocket fuel and makes cycling an absolute joy.
  • 1 mocha clifshot wth 50mg caffeine which is the intro version of the above
  • 1 rasberry clifshot with no caffeine this is fine I guess 😦
  • 1 pack of shot bloks ever since these saved my life at Shake ‘n Brake in the spring I have been psychically linked to them and have been continually nourishing my soul with their organic tapioca syrup based gumminess. Expensive tho $$$.
  • 44 ounces of gatorade, mixed in house with the powder because it’s cheap!
  • I also drank about a gallon and a half of water.


Nutrition is very fickle. Some rides I eat slightly more and some rides I eat significantly less. It really depends on what I’ve been eating 2-3 days before the ride. Sometimes I think I ate enough and then after I’m at home on the couch cuddled with my plate of Heirloom Market I get all weepy from being under-fed/under-carbed. It’s not a bad feeling, just super emotional.


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