Climbs in & around Atlanta#1: Nortside Drive

This climb, located near the southwest border of Sandy Springs is also known as Samurai Hill and is a feature of several group rides as well as at least one unsanctioned road race. The climb is generally considered to start at or slightly before Crest Valley Drive and ends at Riverview Road. There is a moderately wide shoulder and the road feels very low-stress in relation to traffic, which is generally light. There are 3 approaches to the climb, you can descend Northside drive and hit the climb with a fair amount of speed, you can turn off of Harris and have a slight descent before hitting the climb, or you can turn off Crest Valley and confront the full face of the climb from almost a stand still as there is a stop sign and limited visibility to the south. This is one of the longest climbs inside the metro and is a great training route as it can be ridden as one interval or broken into sections and ridden as two shorter intervals. After the initial grade there is a short reprieve before the next segment of climbing that allows a quick rest or the doubling down of efforts.



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