Dry Pond: 33 miles of cramps :(


Some highlights; fell onto some rocks taking a footpath onto GA140, bashed my thumb and toe, knocked my brakes out of alignment and scraped up my knee. I was more embarrassed than hurt, even though no one was around. I spent 90% of the beginning of the ride in the small ring as I was supposed to climb two large hills. To that extent I added a 32 cog to my cassette. Was really surprised it worked so well with just a few turns of the b-screw. Seems like 12-32 may be my preferred cassette. Nice 2 tooth jumps and an excellent range with 50/34.

My original route took me over Dry Pond hill and then Henderson mountain. Turns out Dry Pond is not a through road as seen online so once I reach the top I had to turn around and retrace my route. I hate riding the same roads backward so I checked the maps on my phone and found a good reroute. I managed to find some really nice climbs.

Once I started heading back I started getting some severe cramping. Luckily I was right down the street from a QT and popped in to get some salt & vinegar chips. They helped a little but I spent the next 30 miles struggling up every hill and hurting like I can’t remember. Once I got home and weighed myself the cause was obvious. I was almost 7 pounds below my pre-ride weight. Major dehydration, a few hours later I peed red, from the Gatorade I drank on my ride. This is pretty similar to what I experienced when I was racing in the mountains. Leg cramps and pee colored from the sports drink is been drinking. I also way underate, only had 3 power bars, 2 servings of gatorade and two gels over the course of 7 hours!

Anyway, I struggled home and spent an hour lying on the floor groaning before I could do anything else. Circling back around to the Dry Pond climb, I never really felt strong on the climb, I alternated between the 32/26 cogs with a little 23 on the flatter portions. Overall I had a good, interesting ride but I’m going to need some serious recovery before tackling the 200k route I planned.


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