Lakewood: Those roads around arrowhead lake are no joke

I’ve never seen hills like those in the arrowhead lake complex. A series of super steep, shockingly long hills that just keep coming. As soon as I hit the first hill after the gate I was wishing for my 34t cassette so hard. Posted good times with the 26t but it hurt! Also, turns out it’s nigh impossible to ride up the mountain on tower road on a road bike? I turned back after a couple hundred feet of dirt, huge rocks and deep cuts from erosion made me feel like the descent would be a real pain and probably cause at least one pinch flat. I’ve got to follow-up on getting a 650b bike so I can really ride all the roads further out into the county.

Any way, good ride that was very hard at the end. Chased by two dogs, but no other issues. Really glad I took my camelbak, there’s pretty much no services from lake arrowhead to cartersville. Got stuck riding on 20 for a few miles after I missed my turn due to road closure, super happy I saw that sign for a detour, if not I’d have been stuck riding with super heavy traffic, narrow lanes and rumble strips for several miles. Some random lady pulled up and started talking to me in cartersville while I was checking directions. I guess she was curious about routes to ride in the area since she usually rides on the silver comet. Kind of funny to get asked a cycling question by a driver as they always seem to ask for driving directions that I don’t know.

As I moved south through Kennesaw I got passed by a 6-7 person mixed paceline of NGNA(?) riders who invited me to jump on. I hopped on at the back for a few miles before they turned off. Ended up riding the sidewalk for a few miles after this as they’re repaving a huge section of old 41 and the road was already stripped and in rough shape for cycling. Refilled from a hose spigot in Cartersville and then again at a park in Kennesaw, my new thing is washing my hands in the middle of a ride. It’s probably the most refreshing thing I’ve ever done. Bonked hard in the last 20 minutes, turns out vending machines do not accept sweaty dollar bills because they’re translucent. I’m pretty happy the route map looks like a heart.


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