Funny craigslist things

I sold this bike yesterday for $400. Looks like it’s back up with build correct shifters and new saddle, pedals and bar tape. I wonder if it’ll sell for anywhere near that price? Shifters and pedals add maybe $250 to the price so you figure $650 as base value. I’ll be surprised if it can cover the difference between his asking price and reality. Maybe I’ll relist my ad to fuck with him.

It was a nice riding bike but the combo of BB86 and carbon stays made me decide to get rid of it. I’m less interested in skinny-tire bullshit now anyway.


photo 1(1)Disclaimer: The above is not the set-up I rode. Those handlebars suck.

Creatine & Ovaltine

I’m on my second 2-week cycle of Creatine. I have 5 grams with a scoop of natural casein protein right after my ride; this week I’ve added 4 tablespoons of malt ovaltine. I know one ride isn’t indicative of anything but it’s really surprising that I’m blasting some PRs the past few days. One segment that is about 20 minutes I improved my time by a minute and a half!




Goodbye to the Warhawk



Although I hated the shit out of this when I first got it I think I gave it a pretty good run. 7 months, around 1300 miles. Both fixed and SS. The bike rides really well and fits me great, it’s just too heavy for what I want to do with it. Loaded as above it weighs right around 31.5 pounds, figure removing the 900 grams of rack gets it to 29ish pounds. That’s just too much weight. I’m planning on dumping this on Craigslist and getting a Wabi frame. Should be around 9-10 pounds lighter and more in line with my priorities.