Messing around with race blade fenders

“It’s not that I don’t wanna get wet, it’s that I don’t wanna get that wet.”

I’ve been pretty dissatisfied with my State Bicycle Warhawk as a rain bike so I’ve been thinking about putting fenders back on my GTR. When it had fenders earlier in the year and last year the clearances were really tight and since I just read an article in Bicycle Quarterly about fender safety I decided to maybe try something else. I was searching around on the internet and raceblades came up for sale on the REI website for $35 so I went ahead and bought them yesterday. They showed up today!

Installation was pretty fast, I ended up completely disassembling my front brake and cleaning it out so that added a significant amount of time. All told it took me 80 minutes, I know this because I had the movie “Devil” playing in the background. Not a great movie but it gave me something to glance at every now and again. I guess if I was just installing the fenders for the first time I could get them on and adjusted in about a half an hour. After that it’s like a 2-3 minute process to remove them via quick release.

I haven’t ridden them yet but first impressions are pretty good. The seem to mount well and come off pretty easily while still staying rigid when mounted. Time will tell if the quick release mounts hold up to use. I really only plan to remove them for the Marietta Crit and the odd time I need to put my bike in my trunk, maybe 8-10 times a year. I do wish the front fender was longer, as you can tell from the pictures it’s like 4-5 inches too short I’ll have to make a mud-flap to get the coverage I want. Although I’ll probably have to do that for the rear as well since the interior section stops about two inches above the derailleur hanger.

If you’re interested in some more comprehensive detail shots, here’s a link to a really nice review:
And here’s a link to a great installation guide:






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