Sora RD-3500-GS with a 34t cog

I’m pretty slammed at work so just some pics will have to suffice for now. This is a Scattante DX350 with a 46/36 crankset and a CS-HG-50 11-34 cassette. Derailleur is a Sora RD-3500-GS. Works fine on the stand, will know more once I get a ride in tonight.








2 thoughts on “Sora RD-3500-GS with a 34t cog

  1. Hello! How is the 34t cassette working with sora rd-3500? Any problems with it or everything OK? Thanks for reply 🙂 .

    • Pretty great! I ran it in 3 very muddy and messy races with no issues. After the gravel race season ended I’ve been running it on the road. Have a little under 1,000 miles overall with the combo and don’t foresee any issues coming up in the future. I’m expecting to put a lot more miles on it as it’s now my main bike/drivetrain so I’ll be sure to update in the future.

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