Messing with setback again.

So I’ve been looking at old pictures of my fixed gear bikes and noticed just how much less setback I used to run. With this in mind I slammed my saddle forward and raised it about 3-4mm. It feels pretty good but now I’ve got a slight twinge in my left knee and my average speed was super low today. I’m thinking I might split the difference in setback, I moved the saddle forward about 25mm and added a 15-20mm longer stem. My plan is to keep the stem the same and maybe move the saddle back around 12-13mm and see how it feels. I’m not sure if the potential benefit will materialize before Southern Cross.

I started messing with my position since I’m having such a hard time climbing seated. I’ve been debating what the cause is but there are a couple things that are no doubt contributing. The number one issue is probably the fact that 70% of my bike time the past three months has been on a single speed. Next on the list is I’m currently riding fairly heavy, it’s winter and I’m just not in great shape. My plan for today is to drop my saddle a few mm test out a little more setback and try to work on seated climbing.





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