Forte Strada K Tire Review

I’ve been riding these tires in the 28c width for about 20 hours and it’s time to do a little review.

2-4-2015 9-39-21 AM

These tires are probably the best, cheapest priced tires you can find in a physical store. From the spec sheet they look really nice, fairly light for the size, kevlar belt and minimal tread. 27 tpi but they feel a lot better.

I’ve been running the tires on my cyclocross-styled DX350 on the road at around 75-85psi. The tires ride really nice and seem to absorb bumps very well. Some of the routes around Buckhead have very rough sections and these tires feel about as good as the 23c Grand Prix tires I usually ride. Much better than the 28c Zaffiros I used to run.

I did notice that the tires are a lot closer to 26mm wide than 28mm. This is on a 24mm outside width rim. Performance Bicycle/Nashbar tends to do this with their tires, I ordered some of the Nashbar Duro Comp tires (these are just rebranded Forte Pro+ tires) in 23c and they were barely 21mm wide. This is classic manufacturer shenanigans, under reporting tire sizes keeps the weight down and allows you to present a better looking spec sheet. Regardless, these tires are very nice for the price and I will most likely purchase again once these wear out.




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