MTB or CX For Southern Cross?

I’ve spent most of my morning researching the Southern Cross course and trying to decide which bike to ride. I’ve got a very nice mid-range 26″ mountain bike. I’ve also got a low/mid-range cyclocross bike. Picking which one to ride is really throwing me for a loop. I know the MTB will be more comfortable and has lower gearing as well as much better brakes. The CX bike is just more fun to ride and will be faster on the paved sections and probably slightly faster overall.

Rationally I’m almost positive both bikes will climb at the same speed. The MTB will descend faster, the CX will ride faster on the road. MTB will be more comfortable. Hmmmmmmmm.

I’m going to mess around with positioning on the CX bike and try to commit to a choice early next week.


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