Racing in the winter

I’m really struggling with racing in the winter. Right now I’m signed up for two races in February and really contemplating a race on January 31. In the past I’ve been a hot weather racer, riding most of my base in March/April and really coming into form in June/July. Last year was really interesting in that I peaked in September but the calendar doesn’t always support that. Anyway, 3 hour race this Saturday, temps should be in the mid-40s. Not cold but not a temperature I’m really in love with. I much prefer riding in 90+ but there aren’t really many MTB races this year during the summer early fall.

So really, is it better to race less but in more enjoyable conditions or race more in conditions that are less than my favorite?


I’m thinking I’ll save the $35/$45 and just race more at the track and over the summer.


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