State Bicycle Warhawk: Let’s calm down and try again.

So it’s been a few days, I’ve made a few adjustments and I think I can get along with the bike now.


I still need to adjust the chainring since it’s got some significant runout but overall everything else is working pretty great. There’s a definite kludge to get the fenders to mount in the rear due to the lack of a chainstay bridge but overall they mount easily enough and seem to work fine. I’m still getting the feeling that the bike is pretty overpriced for what you get. $579 and it’s all heavy/cheap parts with really low build quality. This bike comes with their FGFS crankset, which I was blown away to find out costs $74.99! This crank is pretty trashy, lots of manufacturing marks and really severe runout. I guess the 7075 chainring is nice but who really cares when it’s a 1/8 36t? This toothway/widthway is probably the least desirable ever.


4 thoughts on “State Bicycle Warhawk: Let’s calm down and try again.

  1. Did you change out the chainring from the stock part? If so what did you get? I’m looking for something larger and your’s looks like the size of my old bike.

    • I did. That specific chainring I just bought off eBay. It’s a 50t but any 110 bcd chainring shoud fit. The clearances between chainring and chainstay are pretty generous since the bike is spaced for 135 hubs.

      • Thanks. I’ve been trying to figure out the BDC on the bike for a day or 2. Wasn’t sure how to measure it. Did you keep the 19t cog on?

      • Ya, I ran 50/19 with 28c tires. Worked really well around here as it’s rolling hills that are steep but short interspersed with mild flats/descents. 50/18 is nice too if you’re a stronger rider or in a flat area but I found it a little too big for me.

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