State Bicycle Warhawk: A Review

This is the first new bike I’ve owned that actually felt slower during the first few rides. Stupid bike, you’re supposed to feel faster!

Right now I’m struggling with this State Bicycle Warhawk. The bike is kind of a piece of shit. From the box it was poorly assembled; had a ding in the top tube near the seat tube cluster as well as some really annoying issues indicative of poor quality. Chief among them was the bent crank arm spider, slipping seatpost and jacked up welds. I’ve remedied what I can but I just can’t get comfortable on the bike. I’m not sure if it’s the fork or the wheelset but the bike just bucks around over any bump and generally rides like garbage. I’m going to give it one last shot this weekend with some front end adjustments and a bar swap. If it still sucks it’s time to ditch it on Craigslist and find a better frame.

Fuck this bike.



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